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Shop featured titles

Click on the shopping cart icon to shop featured titles to add to your library.

Sync your library

Sync your library on the go to keep your mobile library up to date at all times.

View your library on the go

Sign in with your Wordsearch or LifeWay ID to view all books in your library.

Quickly browse your resources

Search through your library by author, title, keyword, collection, or category.

Keyword search

Click on the search icon to search for keywords throughout the text.

Search beyond your text

Use the search tool to search your entire library for keywords or phrases.

Compare texts

Use the parallel tool to compare texts or translations in real time.

Study two texts at once

Also use the parallel tool to open two different texts to read or study.

Make a note

Quickly create and save notes on the text for future studying.

Adjust font size

Use the font control to increase or decrease text size to your liking.

Quick navigation

Tap the screen to open navigation controls to change chapter or verse.

Easy to use study tools

Select text to make a custom color higlight or bookmark for later.