13552. Airsickness Bag Collection

Marketing and investment consultant Niek Vermeulen has 2,112 airline airsickness bags from 470 different airlines.

There is plenty of competition. "A Czech collector closed to within 40 bags of my total. I had to work hard to pull away again." There is one bag out of reach, though. "I really want a space shuttle bag." He adds, "NASA said no, it's government property."

Guinness Book of World Records


9551. Dial 911—And Help Is Certain

They tell us the 911 emergency system is the state of the art. All you need do is dial those numbers, and you will almost instantly be connected to a dispatcher. In front of the dispatcher will be a read-out that lists your telephone number, your address, and the name by which that telephone number is listed at that address. Also listening in are the police, the fire department, and the paramedics.

Someone might not be able to say what the problem is. Or perhaps a woman's husband has just suffered a heart attack, and she is so out of control that all she can do is scream hysterically into the telephone. But the dispatcher doesn't need her to say anything. He knows where the call is coming from. Help is already on the way.

—Leith Anderson


10451. People Didn't Know Him

A pious church member, who thought himself to be a great Christian, says Warren W. Wiersbe, visited the Junior Department of the Sunday school. The Superintendent asked him to say a few words to the boys and girls. He stood pompously before them, and asked, "Why do you think people call me a Christian?"

There was an embarrassing silence, then a small voice from the back of the room said, "Because they don't know you."

Christian Victory


10925. Apocalypse's Fifth Horseman

A legend dated around AD 89 states that the apostle John lost the first transcript of his apocalyptic vision during the persecution of Diocletian. But the account was preserved through word of mouth, and soon a fifth horseman emerged. Legend had this 5th rider leading the other four horsemen. (Rev. 6:1-7)

The fifth horseman pressed on ahead of the other four, entering every village and city on earth with predictions of soon-coming judgments.

But the people started arguing about what he said. Some called him a liar. Others considered him insane. Some others claimed he had not passed that way at all; they merely imagined him there. Soon, the four horsemen arrived and slew them with war, pestilence, famine and death.

Meanwhile, the fifth horsemen returned from the ends of the earth to find the people all dead. Nothing he had said had made one bit of difference.

—Encyclopedia of 15,000 Illustrations