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Facts of the Matter
Daily Devotionals
Publisher: Wordsearch
Category: Devotionals

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  • Collection of daily devotions for Christian business professionals
  • Succinct and to the point - yet extremely practical

Product Details

From the Forward, Facts of the Matter :

The business and professional person today faces challenges in their personal and public life that would have been unimaginable only a few years ago. With the increasing implications of globalization, the accelerating pace of change in commerce, education, and technical fields, the disintegration of ethics in the marketplace - and a host of other daunting challenges, the believer in Christ who seeks to integrate a Biblically based faith with their calling as a layperson has their work cut out for them.

A few years ago I got the idea that perhaps a few of my friends in business of the professions would appreciate a brief, to-the-point letter of encouragement; say a page that would be sent to them through their fax machine. It would briefly tell someone's story, and how he dealt with discouragement, temptation, etc. We decided to call it, "Fax of the Matter." To our surprise the weekly letter grew in readership. With the advent of e-mail, we decided to change the name to "Facts of the Matter." Since then with the help of the website, http://www.factsofthematter.org, the publication has gone global.

I believe that you, as a layperson are the most important link between the Gospel and the lost. Historically, it has been the layperson who has carried the gospel to the ends of the earth, beginning in St. Paul's day with the commercial centers of Asia (Corinth, Phillipi, etc.) Today that still holds true. You have been called of God to live righteously in the marketplace in such a manner that others will hunger for the Jesus Christ they see in you.

"Facts of the Matter" is written for people like you who have a lot on their plate and simply want the bottom line. Thus, the succinct - sometimes terse - style of writing. We always include relevant Scriptures as a foundation for the truth presented.

About the Author
Mr. R. Dwight Hill grew up in Hong Kong, where his father was the director of a shipping company. He is a graduate of Pepperdine University in Southern California.

Mr. and Mrs. Hill have invested the past 35 years of their lives in discipling men and women to follow Jesus Christ, and apply Biblical principles to daily living. For the past 20 years the Hill's have concentrated their discipling efforts on leaders in the business and professional community, in the United States, Asia and Europe.

The Hills have two children, Wes and Julie who were born in the Philippines. . Their daughter, Julie, and her family are missionaries in France. Their son, Wes, is a businessman in California. The Hills have been blessed and enjoy five grandchildren.

The Hills currently reside in Chico, California. Mr. Hill is the author of four books that focus on helping business and professionals relate Christ to the marketplace. Mr. Hill is the author of the weekly electronic newsletter, "The Facts of the Matter" for business and professionals, which enjoys a worldwide audience.