Chapter 1.

God spoke. He spoke in Creation when he said, "Let there be light." He spoke through his prophets who said, "Thus says the Lord..." He spoke to us through his Word, the perfect revelation of who he is and his will for our lives. Most of all, he spoke through Jesus Christ, his only Son, who came to reveal God's love for an undeserving sinful world.

And God wants to speak through you. He has placed you in a network of family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and acquaintances that only you are uniquely positioned and qualified to touch and to reach. But if you are like most people, you sometimes feel intimidated into silence.

Have you ever sensed an opportunity to share a spiritual insight with someone, but you weren't sure you could say it just right so you kept the truth to yourself? Have you ever lost a sale or a business relationship because you did not know how to express that you really are the best person for the job? Has God ever given you a perfect opportunity to share the gospel with someone you have been praying for, yet you remained quietly ashamed because you did not feel adequate to give him the very thing he most needed? Have you ever declined to teach a class because you were afraid to speak to a group?

This book is for everyone who hungers to be a more effective communicator of God's truth, whether you are sharing yourself, your life, your story, or your insight into the Scriptures. Whether speaking to a large group or to just one person, the powerful principles of communication that we have put into this book will make you more comfortable and competent in speaking.

We are committed to helping God's people convey God's truth in a manner consistent with the magnificent message that is ours to share. But we are also committed to helping God's people share themselves in a way that establishes trust and credibility for all situations. Though there are many secular books and programs available that can help anyone be a better communicator (some of which we have written!), there is a critical need for a book with the Christian message, ministry, and lifestyle at its core.

If you read and follow the potent principles in this book, you will learn to:

The result of combining God's Word with proven and practical skills to increase your speaking effectiveness is bold assurance. As you commit yourself to communicating his truth, be prepared to experience God using you more powerfully and more frequently than ever before.