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Spirit-Led Preaching
The Holy Spirit's Role in Sermon Preparation and Delivery

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In the words of author Greg Heisler, "Spirit-Led Preaching is a call issued to preachers, pastors, and teachers of homiletics to recover the Holy Spirit for expository preaching in the same way we have recovered the biblical text. My plan for doing this is to recover the doctrine of pneumatology (the study of spiritual beings/phenomena) for our theology of preaching, resulting in a renewed emphasis on the powerful combination of Word and Spirit working together as the catalyst for powerful expository preaching."

Dr. Heisler thoroughly examines how the Holy Spirit illuminates and empowers the preacher, opens the hearts of the hearers, and applies the message to their lives. Indeed, to ignore the Holy Spirit's role in sermon preparation and delivery would be a considerable oversight.

About the Author
Dr. Greg Heisler is Associate Professor of Preaching and Speech, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary Wake Forest, North Carolina and has been teaching at Southeastern since 2005. He was previously a senior pastor for eight years at churches in Kentucky and Florida. He holds his B.A., Maryville College; M.Div., Ph.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Heisler and his wife, Laura, have two sons.


Compare Ephesians 5:18-19 with Colossians 3:16 and a remarkable truth emerges. Scripture equates Spirit-filled living with letting the Word of Christ dwell richly within. That is precisely the key to authentic Spirit-empowered preaching, too. When prominence is given to the Word of God rather than to the antics of the preacher or the feelings of the hearers, that is when preaching is most Spirit-directed. Greg Heisler has wonderfully traced the New Testament theme of the Holy Spirit's role in our preaching. Greg's passion for Spirit-led preaching is contagious; his insights are both wise and biblical; and this book therefore should be a great help and encouragement to any preacher who longs for the Spirit's true anointing in the pulpit.
John MacArthur, senior pastor, Grace Community Church
Dr. Heisler contributes a much-needed volume to the field of sermon preparation and delivery . . . (bringing) us back to what Paul surely intended when he said that preaching should be 'in demonstration of the Spirit and power' (1 Cor. 2:4). Read this book and be blessed and challenged.
Jerry Vines, pastor emeritus, First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, Florida
Greg Heisler has written an important book that will help to educate a new generation of evangelicals about the power of preaching through the Holy Spirit and the Word.
Albert Mohler, Jr. president, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky
In an age marked by frenzy on the one hand and lethargy on the other, we need a revival of the kind of preaching called for in this book - God-honoring, Christ-centered, Spirit-anointed, soul-searching, passionate, convicting, and courageous. May God give us heralds of the gospel who preach like this!
Timothy George, Dean, Beeson Divinity School, Samford University and Executive Editor, Christianity Today
Effective preaching requires the Holy Spirit. He is the One who (1) inspired the Scriptures, (2) saves, calls, and equips the preacher, and (3) convicts, convinces, and converts the listener. In his new book, Spirit-Led Preaching, Dr. Greg Heisler show us how and why the Holy Spirit should superintend each aspect of preaching from the study to the pulpit. I highly recommend this work to those who seek more divine power in their preaching!
Steve Gaines, Senior Pastor, Bellevue Baptist Church, Memphis, Tennessee, and author of When God Comes to Church