January 1

"Behold, I make all things new." (Rev. 21:5.)

The morning dawns in glory, and the night

Wraps up its somber garments in its flight;

My soul awakes from dreaming,

And my eyes

Survey God's sunburst beaming

From the skies.

I seem to hear Thee saying, "Soon the night

Of earth will pass forever, and the light

Of glory will be breaking

Wondrous fair,

Eternal morn be waking

Over there."

THE New Year means an everlasting farewell to the Old Year. We may not relive the "old"; but we may, by God's help, redeem the "new."

We face the New Year in the joy of new possibilities, and in the settled purpose to redeem the time. The first day of January always seems radiant with glory, calling us to new undertakings and accomplishments.

For the moment we pause and look into God's great coming new year, the Year of Jubilee, which awaits this sad, sin-stricken earth. As the old year passes, and a New Year dawns, even so will the old things pass away, and all things be made new.

If we face a New Year with joy, how much more do we face with joy that great eternal year of song.

Watching I turn my eyes

Unto the east,

God's great sunrise;

A grand new era dawns, I see

The thousand years of Jubilee:

Spread is the feast!

Behold, earth's shadows flee,

No bitter wail

Comes now to me;

Instead, a blooming Paradise

O'er all the earth doth now arise:

To Thee all hail!

The Lord has come to reign:

His glory shines,

Earth's sorrows wane;

So long as sun and moon endure,

His rule of righteousness is sure:

Love intertwines!