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Funeral Sermons and Outlines
An Aid for Pastors
Publisher: Wordsearch

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  • Over 125 sermons, outlines, and addresses

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From the Introduction
The seeds of the forest seem wasted when the land is already overgrown. But the waste appears trivial compared with the loss of good thoughts and comforting messages which have been beautifully and thoughtfully expressed by the wise and good and which no kind friend of man has preserved.

In this volume some of the most helpful ideas have been saved from oblivion and some of the best messages preserved for further use. Men are what they think: and he who furnishes mankind with inspiring thoughts is their noblest benefactor. This book is a good deed. This collection of thoughts and sermons will help those who do the work of ministering angels, to do more of that work and do it better. . . .

We cannot hope to be original and creative in all directions, and the busy heart-loaded pastor has but little time to dig the ore for his plow or sword. David in distress needed Goliath's sword already forged and polished. He who preserved the sword and gave it to David seems entitled to love and honor him who wielded it in defense of his country. Let us not give way to pride and say foolish things because they are our own. But it is wisest and most devotional to think of the mourner and the hopeless, and give to them the best things no matter who may seem to have uttered them first. One cannot avoid the thought that the authors of these sermons and addresses will be glad even to know that the servants of Christ are using effectively still the messages they supposed would die with their delivery. They may feel grateful to those who renew the life and beauty of these children of their hearts.

Of the multiplied forms and places in which Christ appears, this volume shows him most emphatically as the Comforter. This phase of his divine character can be most effectively shown to the weeping and can be studied and copied with the sincerest devotion. May these messages be "links in the chain which binds Earth to Heaven."

About the Editor
Reverend William E. Ketcham compiled and edited this volume, which had over 50 contributing authors.