1.Coming to God

This is eternal life: that they may know You, the only true God, and the One You have sent—Jesus Christ.

John 17:3

How does one approach God? This question would be nearly impossible to answer had it not been for the Father's only Son who showed us the way. Looking at Christ's life, we see that nothing was more important than His relationship to His Father. His early morning prayer vigils, His frequent treks upon mountains for quiet times with His Father, and His late-into-the-night conversations with God were integral to His ministry. Christ's many descriptions of His Father's kingdom and His Father's expectations for His people were central and prominent themes in His teaching.

The commands of Christ are both instructive and informative. While they give us instructions for life, they also give us information about His Father. For example, when we read Christ's command to "be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect" (Matt. 5:48), we first see the instruction for us to live a life worthy of our calling as Christians, but we also see something about the God we serve and worship. So the command is also a revelation. One of Christ's purposes in coming to the earth was to reveal His Father to mankind. His commands are one of the ways we can learn about who God is and what He is like because they reveal to us what is on His heart and reflect His nature and His character. Each command gives us insight into the nature of who God is and gives us direction in how to come into His presence as children come before their loving parents.

Christ wants us to have a healthy and vibrant relationship with His Father more than anything else. In fact, He wants us to have the same type of relationship with God that He has enjoyed with His Father from the beginning. If you read through chapters 15-17 of John's Gospel, you will see just how important this relationship between the Father, the Son, and you and me is to Jesus.

The relationship we see Christ modeling for us with His Father is the same kind of relationship Christ wants to have with us and what Christ wants us to have with His Father. Of course, this is because the Father, the Son, and the Spirit are one with each other. As we relate to one, we relate to all. So as Christ, in human form, reveals to us the Father, who is Spirit, His commands regarding worship, relationship with God, and knowing God emanate from His passion for us to know God in all His glory.

In order for us to experience the fullness of who God is, however, we must meet certain requirements. It is easy for us to think we are at the center of the universe and that God should accommodate our wishes. This is delusional thinking, if not sacrilegious to some degree. God does not have to meet our expectations, our standards, or follow our instructions and meet our desires. We are the creation; He is the Creator. We follow His expectations, meet His standards, and obey His instructions in order to know Him, serve Him, worship Him, and demonstrate our love for Him.