Philemon: Postcards from Prison

Cantrell's Alliterated Sermons

Philemon: Postcards from Prison

Alliterated Expository Sermons on Philemon


Donald L. Cantrell

The Author

It has been my privilege to preach the Gospel since 1980. I have now been preaching for more than 29 years. I have never gotten over the day that God saved me at Old Fashion Baptist church in Chatsworth, Georgia. I had only been saved for about 7 months when I realized that God was calling me to be a preacher. I have gotten over many things since that day in May of 1980, but the call to preach still burns within my heart.

I had the wonderful opportunity to sit under one of God's most noble men, Walter Hare. In sitting under his preaching, I had the honor of learning the Art of Alliteration. I have tried to develop this skill in my preaching ministry. The key to Alliterated Outlines is maintaining biblical accuracy and not forcing a word that has no foundation in the message.

The main force that drives me in writing books and sharing my messages is the thought of being helpful. I want to help those ministers that may need a simple thought to prompt them in developing a mighty message. I find much pleasure in knowing that someone has found something useable in one of my books or outlines. This is an honor to me.

In these times many do not have enough money for Bible College, nor do they have the time to pull up roots and move away. I try to establish some simple principles to help the busy pastor and preacher. If my writings are not practical then I have failed in achieving my goal as an author. I want my writings to not only be practical, but I want them to be preachable. I do not aim for the top shelf in the cupboard, but I aim for the low shelf so that even the simplest may understand.

I have been allowed to pastor many churches during the last 30 years. I know the rigors and the pressure that the man of God faces in these difficult times. I want you to take these thoughts and use them in your pulpits. Hopefully the sincerity and the simplicity of them will allow you to minister to your people. I hope that these writings fan the flames of service within the hearts of every reader.

Donald L. Cantrell

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Please feel free to contact me for any needs I may help with. If you need some help developing some alliterated sermons for a special need or a special series; I would be glad to offer my help in meeting your specific need.


I hope that the study of this book will give you much insight concerning some helpful bible themes found in the word of God. The book of Philemon may be small in size but it is large in subject and symbolism. It allows us to see a passionate and tender side of Paul as he plans the reconciliation of a runaway slave with his rightful owner.

It should be noted that Philemon lived in Colossae, which was located in Asia Minor. Onesimus the slave of Philemon decided to run away, in doing so he ended up in Rome. The Roman Empire had over 120 million people and the slave population was in excess of 60 million. It was very obvious that Onesimus would migrate to Rome, where he could evolve into the population without much notice.

The bible does not state that Paul ever visited Colossae, but it also does not state otherwise, in any case he had previously led Philemon to the Lord. Paul was very deliberate in suggesting to Philemon on his Christian responsibility in forgiving and receiving Onesimus.

The little letter of Philemon is deep in doctrinal teachings that involve:

  1. Forgiveness
  2. Imputation/Substitution
  3. Saving Grace
  4. Prayer
  5. Love
  6. Reconciliation