Chapter One: A Full House of My Own

Two nights ago Mom was in the kitchen when she heard Lev screaming, "Grandma, Grandma!" at the top of his lungs. Actually I think the entire neighborhood heard him. Startled, she ran outside to find Lev, standing on the front porch with tears streaming down his face. Meanwhile, Samson, our friendly canine giant, was proudly standing by, displaying his latest hunting trophy—a Muscovy duck. Make that a dead duck.

It was a little too gruesome for Mom's liking and Lev's sensitive soul too for that matter, who had just witnessed the aftermath of the hunt. Samson's tail didn't skip a beat as it waved a flag, announcing his victory.

Arriving at home, I was addressed by three children and one concerned Grandma who relayed each detail in color. Upon further investigation, we discovered that Samson had tangled with the wrong duck, leaving five orphaned ducklings waiting in a nearby drain for Momma Muscovy to come waddling home.

Now three kids and five ducks were crying, which put a whole new spin on the once cheerful tune, "Six Little Ducks Went Out to Play."

The next morning my daughter Natasha and the neighbors rescued the ducklings, packed their feathered bags, and moved them into our guest room. After all, Val and I only have three kids, three dogs, one hamster, a tortoise, and two busy careers on our plate; what's five more beaks to feed?

After looking into the persuasive eyes of my youngest son, Maks, I agreed to take them in for a week or so but also thought it best to give the Wildlife Center a call. They said to bring the ducklings into the center where they would care for them until it was time to introduce them back into the wild. I got the feeling that their idea of "the wild" was as far away from the Bure family as possible.

We packed the ducks into a cardboard box, along with some grass, a bowl of water, and one of Samson's favorite chew toys (no, not their mother) and made our way out to the car.

Natasha, being the drama queen that she is, cried the entire way there, but once she saw the ducks settling in, she agreed that it was the best plan.

I'm glad we rescued the ducklings, disappointed that my doggie annihilated their mom, and thrilled that I'm not adding five ducks to our already full house. We all miss our feathered little friends, but as cute as they were, that chirping had started to ring in our ears! So there you have a glimpse into the life of a Hollywood star; glamorous, huh?

Life can be glamorous at times when I'm traveling to far-off places, shooting a movie, or meeting fellow celebrities, but behind the scenes I live what most would consider an ordinary life:

Yes, in many ways my life is ordinary, but it's also EXTRAordinary because of my relationship with the Most High God.