Genesis 1:1

"In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth" (Genesis 4:16)

The Bible begins with one of the greatest statements in the history of man. If man would believe this text, it would eliminate many problems in this earth.


"In the beginning God." The Bible begins with God. It does not waste time proving the fact of God but just begins with Him. Take God out of the Bible and out of life and you have a vacuum that Satan will fill with poison. Two important things are said of God in this text which cannot be said of any human.

Duration of God. "In the beginning God." The beginning is in reference to the universe whose beginning is the subject of the first few chapters of Genesis. God was already here when the beginning occurred. God has been around awhile. He is, in fact, eternal. God is dateless. The human mind cannot fully comprehend the eternality of God. But if the human mind could fully comprehend God then God would not be God.

Dynamic of God. "Created the heavens and the earth." The last half of the verse speaks of God's dynamic, His power. God alone created the universe. God is indeed extremely powerful. The fact of God in creation is a problem with man. Man has tried to substitute many things in place of "God" in our text, but when he does so, he makes the text sound really stupid. Man does not like God as the creator for then man is obligated to God.


The first four words of the Bible are very practical. They tell us if we want to do it right, we need to begin with God. As an example:

• If you want to know the origin of our earth, begin with God.

• If you want to know causes, consequences and cure of the Middle East conflict, begin with God.

• If you want to know why their are so many languages in the earth, begin with God.

• If you want to know how to have heaven as your eternal home, begin with God.

• If you want to have a good day, begin with God.

Leave God out of your life, and you will walk in a quagmire of confusion and frustration.


"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." The first verse of the Bible is one of praise. It exalts God for His greatness. Creating the universes is something great indeed. Man has never come close to duplicating such an act. We think we are so great when we hit a ball, put a ball through a basket, kick a ball or run with the ball. But that does not compare at all to creation. Let us praise God, not man.