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Spurgeon Collection
91 Volume Set
By: Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Publisher: Wordsearch
Category: Bundles

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  • From the Prince of Preachers
  • Features 91 unique Spurgeon works

Product Details

The Spurgeon Collection is the most complete collection of works by Charles H. Spurgeon available from Wordsearch. It contains 91 volumes that in print would cost thousands of dollars.

Spurgeon hardly needs an introduction. It's safe to say that your digital library probably has some Spurgeon books already (we offer some Spurgeon books for free), and many of your other study volumes will refer to Spurgeon often. That's because Spurgeon was more prolific in preaching, writing, studying, and Bible scholarship than most anyone who ever lived. The sheer volume of Spurgeon's work is astonishing considering he died at the age of 57. Driven by the Holy Spirit with a passion to preach, he was wise beyond his years. The material he left in the form of published works has been a tremendous blessing to students of the Word.

You’ll love this great collection and refer to it often. You'll find books on prayer, church, church growth, Bible history, and culture. You'll really get to know Spurgeon with the 14 biographies contained in this set, including his own autobiography. Plus, you'll find:

  • 33 Volumes of Spurgeon's Sermons & Sermon Helps
  • 3 Spurgeon Volumes on Christian Living
  • 3 Spurgeon Commentaries
  • 4 Spurgeon Devotionals
  • 8 Spurgeon Works on Theology & Apologetics
  • Much More!

You'll Never Have to Pay for the Same Books Twice

If you already have a lot of Spurgeon books in your library, but would like to complete this set, call us at 1-800-888-9898. Our friendly customer service reps will quickly look up what books you need to complete your set and adjust your price accordingly.

Check out a sample of each volume by clicking on the book covers of each book below, then on the Sample button.

About the Author

Few people in history can be known by one name and have it ring true with their audience, and Charles Haddon Spurgeon is one of them. Over time, Spurgeon has become known and revered as the "Prince of Preachers". In the last 200 years he has been one of the most influential men for not only preachers of the gospel but for those who have not had the opportunity to hear and receive the gospel message. He wrote tirelessly over his life, and Wordsearch Bible Software is committed to bring as many of Spurgeon's works as possible to you in electronic form.


I've always loved Charles Spurgeon for his plainspokenness, his courage, his enthusiasm for the Word of God, his love for the truth, his command of the English language, and his ability to use simple, vivid language to make difficult truths inescapably clear.
Dr. John MacArthur, Pastor, Grace Community Church
Sell all you have... and buy Spurgeon. Let him be a Socrates who helps you to find your own way.
Helmut Thielicke, Author, Theologian
The continued life and power of his printed sermons show that his oratory, noble as it was, was not the first thing. Our firm belief is that these sermons will continue to be studied with growing interest and wonder; that they will ultimately be accepted as incomparably the greatest contribution to the literature of experiential Christianity that has been made in this century, and that their message will go on transforming and quickening lives after all other sermons of the period are forgotten.
W. Robertson Nicoll, Author, Editor

Products Included In This Bundle

Being Precious Promises Arranged for Daily Use
Containing an Original Exposition on the Book of Psalms
An Earnest Word with Those Who Are Seeking Salvation by the Lord Jesus Christ
Communion Meditations And Addresses
OR, A Friendly Talk with Seekers Concerning Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ
Examined And Refuted With Holy Scripture
C. H. Spurgeon on the Christian Training of Children
Illustrations for Preachers and Teachers from My Notebook
How to Lead Sinners to the Saviour
Addresses to Ministers and Students
From the Quiver of C.H. Spurgeon
London's Most Popular Preacher
Sermons of Charles Spurgeon on the Grace and Mercy of God
A Voice Lifted Up for Honest Faith
Being A Choice Selection of C.H. Spurgeon's Sunday Morning Prayers.
20 Gospel Sermons
What It Is and What It Leads To
Set Forth in Seven Sermons
Second in a Series of Sunday and Thursday Evening Sermons
A Collection of Sermons preached on Sunday and Thursday evenings, at the Metropolitan Tabernacle.
Illustrations and Meditations
Collected sayings of Thomas Brooks.
History and Work
A Devotional Commentary on Psalm 119
Helpful words for members of the young people's society of Christian Endeavour
The Life and Labors of Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Sermons in Stones
A Collection of Psalms and Hymns for Public, Social, and Private Worship
Sermons Compiled from Spurgeon's Magazine,
A Book for Young Men and Women
A commentary on portions of John Bunyan's immortal allegory
A Memorial of C. H. Spurgeon
The Progress of the Soul in the Knowledge of Jesus
Selections from the Works of C. H. Spurgeon
Being One Thousand Choice Extracts from the Writings of Charles Haddon Spurgeon.
The People's Preacher
Third in a Series of Sunday and Thursday Evening Sermons
A Popular Exposition of the Gospel According to Matthew
The Lord's method of dealing with His chosen people
Studies on Prayer Meetings and Prayer Meeting Addresses
The Great Change
being a Collection of Sermons preached at the Metropolitan Tabernacle on Sunday and Thursday Evenings
John Ploughman's Pictures
Or, More of his plain talk for plain people
Extensively compiled from Spurgeon's Diary, Letters, Personal Writings and Records
Graphic Account of the Greatest Preacher of Modern Times
A Collection of Proverbs, together with Homely Notes Thereon
Who Became England's Greatest Preacher
Sermons and Addresses delivered in the Metropolitan Tabernacle
An Address Delivered to the Society of Friends
Lives that Speak