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International Standard Encyclopedia Bundle (1915 & Revised)

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  • Includes both the Revised edition and the original 1915 edition
  • Completely updated in four volumes with 4,466 pages, 9,000 topics, and 3,500 cross-references
  • Covers every person and place mentioned in the Bible
  • All Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic words are transliterated
  • A wealth of illustrations, nearly 1,500 photos, plus 342 maps
  • The most up-to-date, multi-volume Bible encyclopedia written by conservative scholars
  • Named as one of the 850 Books for Biblical Expositors by the Master's Seminary
  • A favorite of Pastor Chuck Smith
  • Named by the R. C. Ryan Center for Biblical Studies as one of the Best Tools for Preaching and Teaching

Product Details

The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (ISBE) has been a favorite reference tool used by preachers, teachers, and scholars for more than 100 years. This 4-volume set has been published twice: originally in 1915, and then completely revised and updated in 1989. The updated edition by Eerdmans Publishing Company includes the new scholarship of 152 evangelical theologians. This bundle includes both the 1989 fully revised edition, plus the original 1915 edition as a bonus.

Every Person, Place, and Thing In the Bible

In the ISBE Revised, you'll find a well-researched article written on:

    • Every person and place mentioned in the Bible.
    • All the terms in the Bible that have theological or ethical meaning.
    • The transmission, study, and interpretation of the Bible.

    The ISBE is an international and interdenominational work. Many points of view are considered, but the work is decidedly conservative in its approach. In their introductory remarks, the editors pledge that "great care has been taken to maintain what the preface of the first edition described as the attitude of 'a reasonable conservatism.'" You'll also find an article on nearly every biblical topic you can think of. The major Bible doctrines are examined, and the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Apocrypha, and other extra-biblical resources are utilized and explained.

    Over 9,000 Topics and 3,500 Cross-References

    Each article presents you with the transliterated Greek and Hebrew words. The authors point out key Scriptural references, which are hyperlinked in Wordsearch for easy access to the Bible text. You'll also find 342 maps and nearly 1,500 photographs of interesting sites, geography, and artifacts.

    The 1915 ISBE was completed by a team of over 200 of the world’s most renowned Bible scholars under the direction of Dr. James Orr.

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