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The Theology Bundle
50 Volumes
Category: Bundles, Theology

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This product is an electronic addition to your Wordsearch digital library. It is not a physical product or a stand-alone program.


  • 50 foundational theology books
  • Solid scholarship to use in your sermons and lessons
  • Excellent resources to help you make sure what you are preaching or teaching is focused on the Word
  • Reformed, Baptist-focused

Product Details

Imagine every time you are creating a sermon or lesson in Wordsearch that you are able to instantly consult 50 volumes that you know are Baptist-focused and based on sound doctrine. Every time you’re studying a Bible text or topic, you know that you’ll have these volumes to give you solid theological backing. Even if you are not Reformed, you'll find plenty of solid material to use in your sermons and lessons.

The Theology Bundle is a collection of 50 foundational, Reformed theology books from Doxa Digital Press. Many of these books are textbook level theology volumes used in seminaries. If you are familiar with reformed theology, you’ll recognize many of the authors of these works: Boyce, Martin, Warfield, Berkhof, Boettner, Dabney, Machen, Turretin, and Dagg, just to name a few. You’ll find that you will cite these works in your sermons often.

Some of the books included are:

Dagg’s Manual of Theology – John L. Dagg is one of the most profound Baptist theologians in American history. His Manual of Theology explains his treatises on Christian doctrines concerning God, Divine Grace, Baptism, Public Worship, and more.

Boettner’s Studies in Theology – Loraine Boettner was a Reformed American theologian, author, and teacher who studied theology at Princeton. This volume presents the core doctrines of Christianity, defending the Reformed point of view.

Berkhof’s Systematic Theology – Louis Berkhof works have influenced seminaries in North America, and his Systematic Theology is still useful for Bible students today.

Vos’ The Pauline Eschatology – Geerhardus Vos was a Calvinist theologian sometimes known as the father of Reformed Biblical Theology. The Pauline Eschatology was his last work, and some might say it is his best. He showcases his wisdom in this work as he discusses Pauline eschatology.

If you currently own any of these books from Doxa Digital Press already, just give us a call and we can help you collect the rest of the missing volumes in your own special package.

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Products Included In This Bundle

Abstract of Systematic Theology
Plan of Salvation
Principles of Biblical Interpretation
Textual Aid to Systematic Theology
Summary of Christian Doctrine
Manual of Christian Doctrine
Systematic Theology
Introduction to Systematic Theology
Biblical Archaeology
Christian Attitude Toward War
Harmony of the Gospels
The Person of Christ
Reformed Doctrine of Predestination
The Reformed Faith
Roman Catholicism
Studies in Theology
Christianity and Liberalism
Manual of Church Order
Manual of Theology
The Golden Book of John Owen
Grace and Glory
Hebrews, the Epistle of the Diatheke
History of Christian Doctrines
Commentary on the Westminster Confession of Faith
Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven
Kingdom and the Church
Six Stone Lectures
Encyclopedia of Sacred Theology
Work of the Holy Spirit
Notes on the Westminster Confession of Faith
Pauline Eschatology
Presbyterian Standards, an Exposition of WCF
Priesthood of Christ
Exposition of the Westminster Confession of Faith
Subjects and Outlines
Literature and History of New Testament Times
The Atonement
Turrettin on the Atonement of Christ
Turrettin on Justification
The Gospel of the Incarnation
The Scriptural Doctrine of the Love of God
The Idea of Biblical Theology As a Science and As a Theological Discipline
Calvinism in History
Theology of the Shorter Catechism
What Is Faith?
New Testament Introduction
Systematic and Polemic Theology