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Bioethics and the Christian Life
A Guide to Making Difficult Decisions
Publisher: Crossway Books

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Product Details

Just about everyone will face a difficult bioethics decision at some point. In this book a theologian, ethicist, and lawyer equips Christians to make such decisions based on biblical truth, wisdom, and virtue.

Though a relatively new discipline, bioethics has generated extraordinary interest due to a number of socially pressing issues. Bioethics and the Christian Life places bioethics within the holistic context of the Christian life, both developing a general Christian approach to making bioethics decisions and addressing a number of specific, controversial areas of bioethics.

Clear, concise, and well-organized, the book is divided into three sections. The first lays the theological foundation for bioethics decision making and discusses the importance of wisdom and virtue in working through these issues. The second section addresses beginning-of-life issues, such as abortion, stem-cell research, and infertility treatments. The third section covers end-of-life issues, such as living wills, accepting and refusing medical treatment, and treatment of patients in permanent vegetative states.

About the Author:

David VanDrunen (PhD, Loyola University Chicago) is the Robert B. Strimple Professor of Systematic Theology and Christian Ethics at Westminster Seminary California in Escondido, California.


Discussing everything from cloning, contraception, and stem cell research to health care for the incapacitated and how to decide if treatment should be pursued, VanDrunen shows himself an able guide and wise mentor. One of the most promising aspects of this book is VanDrunen’s consistent engagement in fresh biblical exegesis, while also drawing from a natural law tradition, all the while maintaining a focus that is both churchly and relevant for today.
Kelly M. Kapic, Associate Professor of Theological Studies, Covenant College
VanDrunen adds significantly and positively to the bioethical conversation in ways that will help every pastor and every thoughtful Christian to think through issues of life and death. He interacts with contemporary biotechnology and bioethics and asks the difficult questions, giving thoughtful, nuanced answers based on sound orthodox theology and Christian virtue. What distinguishes this book is that particular issues are not approached in isolation from the biblical goal of a well-lived Christian life. I highly recommend this book. As a primer in Christian ethics it should be the text for a required Christian education course in every church.
Gregory Edward Reynolds, pastor, Amoskeag Presbyterian Church, Manchester, New Hampshire; author, The Word Is Worth a Thousand Pictures: Preaching in the Electronic Age
While many well-meaning Christians present bioethics for marionette puppets (with God pulling the strings) and secularists claim that we are the masters of our fate and captains of our soul, VanDrunen does the hard work of guiding his reader to exercise autonomy responsibly within God’s revealed will in the Bible.
Thomas W. Ziegler, MD, FACP, Clinical Professor of Medicine (retired), University of California San Diego and VA Medical Center, San Diego; Ruling Elder, New Life Presbyterian Church, La Mesa, California