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The NAC Jumbo Bundle
Includes the NAC and the NAC Studies in Bible & Theology

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  • Vast in scope, includes all 42 available volumes of the New American Commentary, plus the 11 volumes of the New American Commentary Studies in Bible & Theology
  • Thorough verse-by-verse analysis in the commentary
  • Over 40 scholars worked on the complete set
  • Insightful and technical aimed at the serious Bible scholar, yet accessible to the layperson
  • Great for the pastor or serious Bible student
  • The NAC named as one of the 850 Books for Biblical Expositors by the Master's Seminary

Product Details

About the New American Commentary

"God's Word does not change. God's world, however, changes in every generation." - NAC Editors

The New American Commentary (NAC) is a carefully developed, evangelical commentary that makes God’s Word relevant to our world today. The perspective of the NAC is unapologetically confessional and rooted in the evangelical tradition. It affirms the divine inspiration, inerrancy, complete truthfulness, and full authority of the Bible.

Written to be understood by those with no advanced training, the NAC is a readable, up-to-date commentary. But, it also provides insight for scholarly students who want to go deep into the original languages.

To keep the commentary accessible and useful for everyone, the NAC puts points relating to contemporary scholarship and technical points of grammar and syntax in the footnotes. This keeps the commentary easy to read, yet the deeper detail is there, out of the way for those who want to study it.

The NAC is packed with these footnotes. In Wordsearch, you can hover over one of these footnotes and the footnotes text will pop up in a separate window. If you click on the footnote, it will appear within your text so you can copy and paste the information.

The writers seek to illuminate both the historical meaning and contemporary significance of Holy Scripture. Based on that desire, the editors selected the New International Version as the standard translation for the series. The full text of the NIV is found at the beginning of each commentary section.

The work on the NAC began in the 1980s and continues to this day. The insights provided in this commentary will be your guide through the Bible and will be helpful for preaching and teaching.

About the New American Commentary Studies in Bible & Theology

If you preach, teach, or serve others in ministry, you know how important theology can be. As Christian leaders, it's important to know what's in the Bible, and it's critical to stand firm on the solid theology that it contains.

This 11-volume bundle comes from the publishers of the best-selling NAC. In fact, this series is the ideal supplement for those who use and love the NAC. Each volume takes you deep into a crucial topic of theology. Top evangelical Bible scholars immerse you in each of these topics, guiding you through the Bible. They use the Bible's own text to weave theological understanding that you can teach others with the confidence of God's Word.

Theology Can Be Inspiring & Rewarding to You and Others

Here's a great example: Check out Enthroned on Our Praise, and you'll be inspired by the theology of worship. Author Timothy Pierce takes you on a journey of what worship is, why it's important and how it is manifested from the creation in Genesis through the Pentateuch, Prophets, and Poetry, covering everything you'll find in the Old Testament. As you study this theological topic, the reality of worship comes together in a way that may have escaped you before.

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This commentary peels back the cultural skin wisdom literature appears to have, revealing undetected but usable truths for people in our pressured times. It makes Bible sense into common sense for today
Dr. Mark Corts (1938-2006), pastor emeritus, Calvary Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, NC

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