Wordsearch is being transitioned to Logos. Learn more

Existing customer’s books and software are being migrated free of charge. FAQ

Wordsearch is being transitioned to Logos. Learn more

Existing customer’s books and software are being migrated free of charge. FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Downloads / Purchases

Problems Downloading Wordsearch 12

"I clicked on the download link and nothing happened!"
"It took me to your web page"

For this problem, we recommend you copy and paste the download link, or type it out manually, into the "address bar" at the top of your browser, then hit the "Enter” key on your keyboard.

If you don’t know where the address bar is, click here to see an example: "Address Bar Example"

If the file "WS12Setup.exe" does not start downloading, copy and paste the download link into the address bar in a different browser such as Chrome or FireFox

You can download Chrome at this web site: "http://www.chrome.com/"

You can download FireFox at this web site: "http://www.firefox.com/"

"We're sorry. This link is only valid for 3 uses"

Contact the Wordsearch Sales/Customer Service Department and ask them for a new Download Link. And don’t forget to tell them if you have a PC or a Mac.

Sales/Customer Service: 

Hours:Mon.- Fri. 8am - 6pm (CST)

"I clicked on the download link, saw my computer download something [ws12setup.exe], but now, I cannot find it!"

Try searching your computer. The file you need to look for is "ws12setup.exe"

How to Search for a File on a Windows computer

Step 1: Press the Windows logo key:

Step 2: Type ws12setup.exe

Your computer will immediately begin searching your computer for the file ws12setup.exe and display a menu with the results of its search.

If your computer finds the file ws12setup.exe, click on it, in the menu, and that will start the installation of Wordsearch 12 for PC.

How to Search for a File on a Mac Computer

  1. Press Command-Space to open the Spotlight feature
  2. Enter the file name setup.mpkg

The results will appear in a list belowExample of the Spotlight feature searching for the app iTunes

"I clicked on the download link, the computer started downloading the file ws12setup.exe, then, it just stopped!"

Check your internet connection. Did it stop also? Did it slow down? Are you using your cell phone or another device as a "hotspot" connection? Does your computer have a security program?

This problem can be caused by all of the above.

Recommendation 1: If you are using your cell phone or another device as your "HotSpot" connection, forget it. This method is not reliable for downloading our program or books. We recommend that you order our USB flash drive.
Our USB flash drive contains all the files you need to install the Wordsearch 12 program and your books on a PC or Mac without using the internet.

To order our USB flash drive, contact our Sales/Customer Service Department. They can be reached at 1-800-888-9898 or WordsearchSales@LifeWay.com.

NEW! You can now chat with a live Sales/Customer Service representative by clicking the chat box in the lower right corner of this page.

Recommendation 2: If you have a slow internet connection, or, if your internet connection speed goes up and down a lot, contact your internet service provider and see if they can improve your connection speed.

How to Check your Internet Speed

  1. Go to http://www.SpeedTest.Net
  2. Click on "Go" or "Begin Test"

Recommendation 3: If your internet connection is good, open the security program on your computer and disable the firewall, antivirus and any other features you can find. For assistance in doing that, contact the manufacture of your security program.